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Young generation's favorite hobbies all in one place.

Digital clubs are already a part of 60 school's activities and over 2000 young people's daily lives.

Clubs organized by Incoach


Digital hobbies made easy. Remotely

Are you interested in gaming and  young people's digital hobbies in general? Are you interested in implementing new after school clubs but there is no organizer? What if all students could be offered an equal and encouraging hobby easily remotely?


Digital clubs are a solution developed by Incoach's game instructors to enable engaging and activating hobbies for our youth. During last semester we organized more over 140 remote groups in cooperation with municipalities and schools. Over five academic years of experience in working with municipalities and schools and a deep understanding of the requirements and goals of our education system guarantee a high-quality club implementation for everyone. Fully remotely.

Digital clubs are also a proven practice by Harrastaminen Malli


Our digital model

Equal hobby

Carefully designed and implemented club structure welcomes students from all backgrounds to our engaging and activating digital hobby.


Everything is more fun when done in a group! And the same applies to playing games. In digital clubs, all tasks and activities are done together!

Easily accessible

Over five years of experience in gamified education and high quality remote learning methods bring digital hobbies to everyone. Physical or social restrictions create no boundaries in these remote implementations.

Free for students

Digital clubs have one fixed hourly price, which includes everything needed from planning to implementation and game licenses. For the students digital clubs are always completely free of charge!

Our awesome team!


Activating and agile process


The clubs target group, times and duration are planned together with the municipality.


Based on the marketing, the municipality decides whether to start the hobby. Only actual club lessons are billed.


Our clubs come equipped with ready-made descriptions, club videos and registration forms.

Feedback and development

A parent's night will be organized for the digi club members. You will receive ready-made reports and feedback about the clubs from us.


Incoach & digital clubs

Incoach is Finland's leading game educator whose services are already trusted by over 60 municipalities and are part of the daily lives of more than 2000 students.

Incoach's goal is to make digital hobbies a sustainable part of our young generation's everyday lives by creating an engaging and encouraging gaming environment where students of all levels can develop themselves and create long lasting friendships through gaming.


Over five academic years of experience in working with municipalities and schools and a deep understanding of the requirements and goals of the Harrastamisen Malli guarantee a high-quality club implementation for everyone.


Sekä moni muu🤍


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Contact information


Christian Joutsenvuori

050 492 7787

Club coordinator

Jarmo Helttunen

040 589 7759

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